The best first port of call is the Plumi Manual. However, this is currently being updated to reflect changes in version 4.5, so get in contact if you have queries.

Bug Checking and Reporting

Paid Support Options

  • Unweb may be able to provide paid support and installation. Please email info@ for more information.
  • EngageMedia may be able to provide paid support and installation. Please contact us to see if we can arrange something.
  • Otherwise, you may be able to get support through the large number of Plone providers.

Associated Software

  • More information on, and support for, Plone and Zope can be found on their respective websites.
  • Plumi, Plone, Zope and Trac are all largely written in Python.

Join the Dev Team

We’re always looking for new people to get involved in developing, using and promoting Plumi. Specifically we need people with skills in:

  • python/zope/plone
  • css/graphic design
  • project management
  • promotion/marketing
  • fundraising
  • testing!

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