Re-Design Sprint in Athens

Dimitris & is the media and technology activism organisation based in the Asia-Pacific region, which initiated the Plumi video-sharing application in 2006. Plumi is currently maintained by EngageMedia in conjunction with, who have been the primary developers of Plumi since 2009. Unweb are also comrades from our days as part of the Indymedia network.

In the coming weeks EngageMedia is undertaking a re-design of our video-sharing website focused on social justice and environmental video in the Asia Pacific. We have been limited in terms of our design to something close to the look of an older version of the Plone content management framework on which Plumi, our free software video sharing application, is based. Changes we are working on now in Plumi are enabling us to separate the design from the content management system, and have a freer approach to create the kind of user-interface people expect from today’s online video applications.

We’re using Diazo to re-theme and Plumi. Diazo “allows you to apply a theme contained in a static HTML web page to a dynamic website created using any server-side technology. With Diazo, you can take an HTML wireframe created by a web designer and turn it into a theme for your favourite CMS, redesign the user interface of a legacy web application without even having access to the original source code, or build a unified user experience across multiple disparate systems..”.

I’m currently in Athens with Unweb. It’s very hot in Athens, but we’re hiding inside from the heat, getting deeper into the new design and functionality required for our new look. I’m here working with Dimitris, Christos and Markos from Unweb. Yiannis, our designer and front-end developer has joined us in Athens, and is now working with us from the Netherlands. Mike from Unweb has come to work with us this week.

LunchUnweb are not only great programmers, but excellent cooks! As is their housemate Nikos. We will have produced a lot of code and consumed a lot of food by the end of our sprint 😉

Why Athens, you may ask? Well, Unweb are based in Greece. Lucky for me!

Lunch Day 4Normally we work together online, but I happen to be here in Athens to work with them on another project based on the Plumi video-sharing app, called Critical Commons. This is an online cinema educational tool originally built by myself, Infinite Recursion and EngageMedia for theInstitute for Multimedia Literacy at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts (a project developed by Steve Anderson and Erik Loyer). It’s also a project designed to push the boundaries of fair use in an educational context, challenging the legal limitations copyright places on distributing film clips online. It also forms the multimedia backbone for Scalar, an open-source platform for media-rich scholarly publishing.

For the EngageMedia re-design, we’re also looking at re-engineering the way video activists interact with the site, in terms of building better steps towards activism and advocacy into the user-interface. Basically we want to encourage users to take the next step after watching a video – whether that’s finding out more info on the issue, taking part in discussions, finding others who are active around the issues and taking part in social movements, and/or taking direct action. This will all happen in the next stage of the re-design.

For now we’re focusing on a new skin for, from which we will base a new Plumi skin, available for all to download, modify and use for their own video-sharing sites.

We’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks…

Plumi 4.3.1 Release

4.3.1 is a stable release focused on minor improvements to the user interface, workflow and buildout. This includes tweaking the mediaelement.js HTML5 video player and Universal Subtitles integration, using the favicon as a logo / link back to the Plumi site when videos are embedded, use of standard video listings template for language lookups, making FTP uploads added in private state by default, changes to piwik settings for video play/download statistics, making logos appear correctly in Creative Commons license chooser, changing link to author page not member page for username links in various templates, making callouts private to remove from interface and adding Universal Subtitles to the featured video on the front page. There were also changes to buildout as per the changelog below.

See the changelog here:

You can download the package from or via

The changes can be seen in action at or with a different skin on the EngageMedia site

See closed tickets for this release on the Plumi tracker.

Plumi 4.3-Final Released!

Plumi 4.3-final is now available. A summary of changes can be found below.

  • online subtitling support using Universal Subtitles
  • html5 support using webm and mp4 (high res and standard transcodes available) makes page loads massively faster – no more flowplayer.
  • all transcoded versions are available for easy download
  • better and more reliable support for 16:9 video
  • sort and find videos by language
  • play count on videos is now counted when the video is played embedded on another site
  • updated to Plone 4.1
  • replace collective.piwik.flowplayer with collective.piwik.mediaelement
  • Video transcoding progress indicator for site admins

For a full list of changes please see the changelog.

You can download the package from or via

The changes can be seen in action at and

Thanks to, Rok Garbas and Anna Helme for getting us across the line and producing the best Plumi release to date.