Host Plumi on a $10 Month Virtual Server (Setup in Under 20 Minutes)

Markos has added instructions for how to host Plumi on a virtual server with a cloud provider which offers a 1GB RAM / 1 CPU / 30GB SSD DISK server ready in less than a minute for $10.00 a month.

This setup should be adequate for a small Plumi site (more specs are needed by a bigger video-sharing site). It allows the server to be created in a few locations, including SF, NY, Singapore, London and Amsterdam.

If you’ve been waiting to try Plumi out, or want to get a small site going cheaply, there’s never been a better time.

This recipe should only take 20 minutes to perform.

Installation on Mint Linux 17

We’re happy to say that Sam Stainsby from Sustainable Software has successfully installed Plumi on Mint Linux.

He has contributed his notes, below!

Mint Linux 17 (MATE edition)

1. needed to address
(worked, but without using –distribute option)

2. on buildout: “””Error: Buildout now includes ‘buildout-versions’ (and
part of the older ‘buildout.dumppickedversions’).
Remove the extension from your configuration and look at the
‘show-picked-versions’ option in buildout’s documentation.”””
.. so commentedout the extension ‘buildout.dumppickedversions’ so it
now looks like:

extensions =
# buildout.dumppickedversions

3. same as 1. but for the for ffmpeg buildout

After that is was just a matter of getting the users right in site.cfg