New Plumi Release and Moving to Plone 3

A new version of Plumi has just been released. 0.2.1 is a bug-fix update to the second official stable release of Plumi. The release fixes ordering of videos in the author page, RSS feed for news and events and adds fixes to Indytube, the transcoding application used by Plumi. For a full list of updates see the changelog. To download the release please visit the Plone repository.

A 0.2.2 release, focused on user side enhancements, will be released in early November.

We’ve also begun moves to upgrading Plumi to Plone 3. For an outline of the plan please see this email. If you are interested to help out please sign up to the discussion list.

iCommons Documents Free Culture Summit on Plumi

iCommons, the international network of free culture projects initiated by the Creative Commons project has employed Plumi to document video of the 2008 iSummit conference in Sapporo, Japan. iSummit 2008 brought together hundreds of people from forty countries involved in free culture, free software and open business covering topics such as open education, open publishing, DIY video and much more.

You can view video from the event on the iCommons video site. Click here for the announcement of the site and details of its content.

Transmission Asia-Pacific

Transmission Asia-Pacific is a meeting of video activists and free software developers using online video distribution for social justice and media democracy.

Sukabumi, Indonesia, May 19-25 2008.
[Korean Translation]

Organised by EngageMedia and Ruangrupa TX-AP will bring together 50 people for five days on the edge of the Gede Pangrango National Park near Sukabumi, 120km from Jakarta. TX-AP will be a space for video makers to learn about free and open source video tools and interface with the technologists developing them. For developers it will be an opportunity to share skills and share code in order to be more effective. The meeting will allow developers to better understand the needs of video makers and for video makers to understand and contribute to the processes of development. TX-AP is a meeting of peers where everyone brings something to contribute.

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