Looking ahead to Plumi 4.5.2

EngageMedia have been working with Sam Stainsby of Sustainable Software on a 4.5.2 release of Plumi.

Our main aims with this release are:

  • update Plumi to install correctly on Debian 8
  • new external videos feature – the ability to add videos to a Plumi site that are hosted on another service e.g. Youtube or Vimeo

We’ve been working on this release since late 2014. Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute.

Sam and Markos from Mist.io both have some really interesting ideas for the future of Plumi, which we’ll be bouncing to the Plumi list soon for feedback.

Plumi Installed Successfully on Free BSD 9.1

Some notes on installing Plumi on FreeBSD 9.1 successfully with the latest buildout notes from https://github.com/plumi/plumi.app/blob/master/docs/INSTALL.rst

These notes were contributed by Jim B from the Plumi discussion list. Thanks Jim!

* I did have to make adjustments to site.cfg for getting the FTP stuff running.
* I also had to install the py27-virtualenv beforehand.

Otherwise, very easy install.