Plumi now on Debian Jessie, Ubuntu 16.04 and Centos 7

We are very excited to announce that after much effort, Plumi is now available to install on Debian Jessie, Ubuntu 16.04 (latest stable) and Centos 7.

The latest code is available here on Github:

Documentation on how to install is available here:

Further documentation including an introduction, installation, theming and maintenance guide has been updated here:

This means our free open source video platform now works across these up-to-date and secure major Linux based operating systems. Free community media infrastructure is needed now, more than ever before, and we are very proud to offer this with Plumi.

We want to heartily thank Markos Gogoulos for all his hard work to get us here, and for supporting EngageMedia in this work.

Anna Helme

on behalf of EngageMedia

Installation on Mint Linux 17

We’re happy to say that Sam Stainsby from Sustainable Software has successfully installed Plumi on Mint Linux.

He has contributed his notes, below!

Mint Linux 17 (MATE edition)

1. needed to address
(worked, but without using –distribute option)

2. on buildout: “””Error: Buildout now includes ‘buildout-versions’ (and
part of the older ‘buildout.dumppickedversions’).
Remove the extension from your configuration and look at the
‘show-picked-versions’ option in buildout’s documentation.”””
.. so commentedout the extension ‘buildout.dumppickedversions’ so it
now looks like:

extensions =
# buildout.dumppickedversions

3. same as 1. but for the for ffmpeg buildout

After that is was just a matter of getting the users right in site.cfg

Plumi 3.1.1 Released to Final

EngageMedia and Unweb have released Plumi 3.1.1, the latest version of the video sharing platform that is built on the Plone open source content management system.

In this bug fix & stability release, the changes focus on enhancing the transcoding framework, improving the commenting system and correcting issues with video embedding:

  • Transcoded video files are deleted when a video is deleted in Plumi
  • The “bookmarks” icon has been replaced with a standard social media “Share” icon and the list of available sites has been expanded
  • Videos are now listed in reverse chronological order in member video folders, video lists and RSS/Vodcast feeds
  • Comments are now listed in reverse chronological order
  • The option to nominate a language when uploading a video has been removed
  • Improved display of videos linked within Facebook
  • Revised embed code to address issues encountered in WordPress and Drupal based sites
  • Modified call to Transcode.Daemon to ensure all videos are transcoded when uploaded via web or FTP
  • Able to change the owner of a video

You can download Plumi 3.1.1 as a compressed tar file from or via SVN.

If you’d like to get involved in Plumi development please make contact at #plumi or join the discussion or announcement lists.

A working version of Plumi 3.1.1 can be seen at

Thanks to the developers, testers and coordinators who made this release possible!