Plumi 3.1.1 Released to Final

EngageMedia and Unweb have released Plumi 3.1.1, the latest version of the video sharing platform that is built on the Plone open source content management system.

In this bug fix & stability release, the changes focus on enhancing the transcoding framework, improving the commenting system and correcting issues with video embedding:

  • Transcoded video files are deleted when a video is deleted in Plumi
  • The “bookmarks” icon has been replaced with a standard social media “Share” icon and the list of available sites has been expanded
  • Videos are now listed in reverse chronological order in member video folders, video lists and RSS/Vodcast feeds
  • Comments are now listed in reverse chronological order
  • The option to nominate a language when uploading a video has been removed
  • Improved display of videos linked within Facebook
  • Revised embed code to address issues encountered in WordPress and Drupal based sites
  • Modified call to Transcode.Daemon to ensure all videos are transcoded when uploaded via web or FTP
  • Able to change the owner of a video

You can download Plumi 3.1.1 as a compressed tar file from or via SVN.

If you’d like to get involved in Plumi development please make contact at #plumi or join the discussion or announcement lists.

A working version of Plumi 3.1.1 can be seen at

Thanks to the developers, testers and coordinators who made this release possible!

Plumi 3.1.1 Released to Beta

EngageMedia and Unweb have released Plumi 3.1.1 into beta testing. You can download the release in a tar file from the Plumi 3.1.1 Beta entry on

The changes introduced in this version include:

  • Deleting a video in Plumi will also delete any transcoded copies
  • No longer asks the user to select a language when loading a video
  • Improvements to the code Plumi uses when embedding videos in WordPress or Drupal sites
  • Improved “bookmark” button
  • Video listings, member video folders and RSS1 / RSS2 feeds display in reverse chronological order
  • Transcode daemon was occasionally missing some videos when they were uploaded
  • Able to change the author of a video

You can find more details about these changes at the plumi trac report for 3.1.1.

Please send an email to the plumi-discuss list or post a message in #plumi to let us know how you go installing & using the Plumi 3.1.1 beta.

Burnstation Prototype very close to being released

EngageMedia and Unweb have been keeping busy this week testing and tweaking the Burnstation prototype system. As a proof of concept it’s being kept quite basic, especially its user interface and error trapping. The tweaking has involved making it a little clearer to operate and correcting a couple of issues that would prevent it from creating an ISO file.

We set up a summary page on the wiki showing an overview of the work remaining, some of which was not logged as tickets in Plumi Trac. We also occasionally included some high level notes here to give more of an overview than just viewing the tickets in Trac.

We’re now very close to releasing the prototype as the final tasks remaining are primarily around documenting the How To Guide and the work required to produce a production version. We’re expecting to get everything wrapped up in the next couple of days.