Red Hat sings Plumi’s praises

Red Hat

For around the last twelve months, the folks over at Red Hat (a company offering Linux-based business solutions) have been using Plumi internally for their company training needs. Karl Abbott from Red Hat had this to say about Plumi:

At Red Hat, we have implemented Plumi to help serve out internal technical training content. This has enabled us to easily distribute content in a global fashion at speeds that are acceptable around the world. Our users love the ability to choose between streaming the flash video and downloading a larger ogg. Plumi has also given us the much need organization to this content that was lacking before.

– Karl Abbott, Support Readiness Manager, Red Hat, 31 March 2009

Union-Tube – Japanese Labor Organsation on Plumi

utJapanese labor organisation LaborNet have implemented Plumi to run UnionTube, a video sharing site focussed on Japanese worker’s issues. The site invites union members and others to contribute their clips to the site. If you have a look you’ll see Plumi adapts pretty well to running in Japanese with the help of Plone’s great language support, though there is still some work to be done. Check out the site at