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Plumi is a Free Software video-sharing web application based on Plone and produced by EngageMedia in collaboration with Unweb.me.

Plumi enables you to create your own sophisticated video-sharing site. It includes a beautiful adaptive skin using Diazo, server-side transcoding of most video formats, upload progress bar, thumbnail extraction, HTML5 video playback and embedding, subtitles using Amara, large file uploading via FTP, social media integration, threaded commenting and user feedback forms, customised user profiles and a range of other useful features.

There are few FOSS CMS options that allow you to create your own video-sharing website; almost all mainstream video-sharing sites keep their distribution platform under lock and key. Plumi is one contribution to creating a truly democratic media.

EngageMedia is a non-profit media, technology and culture organisation. We use the power of video, the internet and free software technologies to create social and environmental change. We believe independent media, and free and open technologies are fundamental to building the movements needed to challenge social injustice and environmental damage, as well as to provide solutions.

EngageMedia works with independent filmmakers, video activists, technologists and campaigners to generate wider audiences for their work, demystify new video distribution technologies, and create an online archive of independent video productions using open content licences.

Unweb.me provides innovative information systems addressing real-world problems. We deliver user-friendly and highly secure applications. We support our clients during the entire life cycle of each product. We love free and open-source software and agile development practices.

Support Us
Plumi is supported by a small amount of philanthropic funding and volunteer contributions. If you would like to see Plumi improve, please donate. Note that this will be directed towards EngageMedia’s account. EngageMedia is a non-profit organisation that oversees Plumi’s development.

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Plumi adalah piranti lunak bebas untuk Sistem Manajemen Konten berbagi video yang dibuat dengan dasar Plone dan diproduksi oleh EngageMedia collective.

Plumi memperbolehkan anda untuk menciptakan situs berbagi video canggih milik Anda sendiri; dengan menambahkannya pada contoh Plone yang telah tersedia anda dapat dengan cepat memiliki deretan fungsi yang luas untuk memfasilitasi distribusi video dan ciptaan komunitas. Software ini juga mencakup alur kerja yang canggih, site-wide, subject based dan submitter-based vodcasting, server-side flash/ogg transcoding dan embedding, uploading(unggah) berkas besar menggunakan FTP dan beberapa fitur berguna lainnya.

Beberapa pilihan CMS FOSS juga memperbolehkan Anda untuk menciptakan situs jaringan berbagi video Anda sendiri; hampir semua situs berbagi video mempertahankan konsep dasar distribusi nya untuk selalu tertutup.

Plumi adalah salah satu bentuk kontribusi atas penciptaan media yang benar-benar demokratis.